Drexel University Nyheim Plasma Institute

The NPI is the nation’s biggest plasma research center and an active multidisciplinary organization.

A project was initiated to relocate the Nyheim Plasma Institute from Camden, New Jersey to the center hub of Drexel’s Campus. DEDC was selected to evaluate the feasibility and projected cost of the relocation.

Wilmington PharmaTech

Wilmington PharmaTech Company (WPT) is a global service company specializing in the research and development of chemical process and medicinal chemistry for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

WPT recently purchased and completed renovated a 42,000 square foot facility to become a new GMP Pilot Plant and Analytical Center.

Wesley College

Wesley College offers associates degrees, bachelors, and master’s degrees. Cannon Hall is the campus science building providing laboratories for research, science classrooms and equipment as well as spaces providing professional development for students in the sciences.

A project to upgrade the building mechanical electrical systems was completed. The project included complete HVAC system replacement and associated electrical upgrades.

National Medical Services (NMS) Laboratory

National Medical Services, now known as NMS Labs, is a world-class clinical and forensic toxicology laboratory. This project renovated approximately 40,000 square feet of NMS laboratory space.

Gore QC Laboratory

W. L Gore is one of the 200 largest privately held U.S. companies. Gore has created numerous products for medical implants; fabric laminates; and cable, filtration, sealant, membrane, venting and fiber technologies for diverse industries.

As part of a manufacturing relocation project a free standing laboratory suite was constructed. The lab consisted of three distinct spaces for material and quality testing. Dedicated air handling units were provided to three individual spaces to allow for material testing under varying environmental conditions. Laboratory gases as well as a breathing air system were installed.

DuPont Laboratory Consolidation

This project renovates thirty (30) laboratories in six (6) research and development buildings as part of a research consolidation project. One of the more complex laboratory renovations included the relocation of an existing NMR.

Seed Treatment Laboratory

This laboratory was constructed to establish a small scale, state of the art seed treatment facility to simulate and understand a commercially scaled process.

3D Printing Laboratory

As part of this Company’s 3D printing initiative, a new 3D Printing Laboratory was constructed.

Drexel University Nyheim Plasma Laboratory

Plasma science focuses on the  applications of plasma to direct treatment of living tissue, healing of various diseases, blood coagulation, sterilization and healing of wounds and burns, tissue regeneration and repair, development of new sterilization processes in hospital environments.

DEDC provided a comprehensive MEP feasibility study for the proposed relocation of the facility. Our study included evaluating the MEP systems serving both the existing location and the proposed new location.

Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center

The Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center (AFC) helps industrial customers adopt new manufacturing technologies and production processes.  This  project renovates Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center (AFC) at the Air Liquide Innovation Campus.