Drexel University Nyheim Plasma Laboratory

Plasma science focuses on the  applications of plasma to direct treatment of living tissue, healing of various diseases, blood coagulation, sterilization and healing of wounds and burns, tissue regeneration and repair, development of new sterilization processes in hospital environments.

DEDC provided a comprehensive MEP feasibility study for the proposed relocation of the facility. Our study included evaluating the MEP systems serving both the existing location and the proposed new location.

Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center

The Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center (AFC) helps industrial customers adopt new manufacturing technologies and production processes.  This  project renovates Air Liquide Advanced Fabrication Center (AFC) at the Air Liquide Innovation Campus.

Aberdeen Test Center

The Aberdeen Proving Ground is a U.S. Army facility established in 1917 as a response to immediate need for national defense.   A project was initiated to create a facility to test military vehicles utilizing stationary hydraulic devices to simulate field conditions.

Marine Science Laboratory

The University of Delaware’s Cannon Laboratory in Lewes, Delaware was constructed in 1975.  The building serves multiple functions including research by Marine scientists, undergraduate and graduate studies, office space for research and administration personnel.

The building mechanical and electrical systems exceeded their useful life and functioned poorly.  DEDC first was contracted to perform a detailed assessment of the systems. Five (5) combinations of heating and cooling technologies were evaluated.  DEDC and the University selected the HVAC system that combines good engineering practices, energy savings and acceptable first costs.

This project was completed on time with minimal disruptions.

Packaging & Industrial Polymers Laboratory

Packaging and Industrial Polymers serve the global packaging, safety glass and polymer compounding industries, providing material-based solutions to help protect people, food and the environment.

A project was initiated to support a packaging customer services and research and development team. The project included installation of a pilot-scale, multi-layer blown film line and associated equipment and support facilities. This $12 million project was completed in an existing research and development and semi-works building.

Incyte Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory

Incyte Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary small molecule drugs for oncology and inflammation. Incyte had outgrown their current research and development facilities and were in need of a new R&D facility.

This project created approximately 125,000 square feet of new laboratory, vivarium, office and collaborative space. This $35 million project included all new mechanical and electrical building infrastructure and systems as required to support the program.  The design incorporated sustainable principles as well as utilize the latest in laboratory mechanical and electrical systems

Toxicology Laboratory Relocation

The objective of this project was to relocate a 75,000 square foot Health and Environmental Sciences Laboratory from an existing older building complex to an existing vacant building. This renovation created new research and development spaces to accommodate the program. The new spaces included wet chemistry and toxicology laboratories, tissue culture laboratories,  animal science facilities and support spaces.

DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza, Solar Power Research Facility

This 10,000-square- foot laboratory is dedicated to increasing the efficiency and durability of materials used in solar cells while reducing manufacturing and installation costs. This lab uses specialized equipment that can simulate real-world conditions, including how effectively a cell converts sun rays into electricity, as well as equipment that can simulate the aging process to gauge how a product will hold up over time. The lab also includes a large, class 1000 clean room. DEDC provided mechanical, electrical and structural engineering for the original 100,000 square foot lab as well as for this renovation.