Engineering and Design Services

From straight-forward projects to those requiring the most complex and challenging solutions; we excel at providing quality driven engineering, design and construction documents.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide design solutions that work. Our internal processes are intentionally collaborative, bringing together the appropriate mix of disciplines necessary to complete any given project.

Finally we have a specific project staffing philosophy – get the right fit. We work to match the talents and attributes of our project managers, engineers and designers to the specific requirements of the project, business and personality of the project team. Consequently, we can then build effective teams who can creatively collaborate to solve the most challenging problems.

We offer the following engineering and design services:


Fundamental to every building project are mechanical systems including heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. DEDC is experienced in designing these systems for a variety of facility types. DEDC has achieved an excellent reputation as a design leader for HVAC Systems.


Plumbing is often the last mechanical system thought of yet every individual relies on plumbing, and a building cannot be complete without it. Our experience in plumbing design includes renovation and new construction for many different types of systems including office facilities, medical gas systems, laboratories, and campus infrastructures.


Almost every piece of equipment within a facility requires power to operate, making the electrical system one of the most critical building components. DEDC engineers and designs electrical systems uniquely suited to your particular facility’s needs. Our broad experience includes new and renovated facilities and multiple building types.

Chemical / Process

DEDC provides process engineering and process design for multi-discipline process projects. Whether you are planning a completely new process or contemplating an expansion or upgrade of your existing facilities, DEDC can effectively serve your needs.

Our staff of chemical engineers and process designers is supported by a complement of disciplines including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural, piping, and controls. The result is a consulting partner who brings our clients planning and design experience with the process itself, as well as the facility which houses it.

This dedicated team is experienced in the entire life cycle of process engineering – plant and process feasibility, process development, process design and process optimization.


DEDC provides instrument and controls engineering to industrial, process and commercial customers. We bring our clients significant hands-on controls backgrounds through extensive field experience.