State Police Troop 7

The new Public Safety Building includes a vehicle maintenance area and evidence storage space.

Justice Center Seventh Floor Renovation

The Williams Justice Center (formerly known as the New Castle Courthouse) currently houses the Court of Chancery, Superior Court, Family Court, Court of Common Pleas, Register in Chancery, Prothonotary, Administrative Office of the Courts, Law Library, Filing and Payment Center, Jury, and Capitol Police.

This project renovated the 7th floor of the Williams Justice Center, providing four (4) new courtrooms. The new courtrooms will serve the Justice of the Peace and Special Proceedings.

Sussex County Courthouse Mechanical Upgrades

This project upgraded the 31,000 square foot, three-story Sussex County Family Courthouse mechanical systems as part of the State’s initiative to update ageing infrastructure.

Police Firing Range Upgrades

The State Police Firing Range consists an indoor firing range along with associated bullet trap, office, classroom, storage, locker room, and utility space.

This project replaced the existing HVAC system serving the indoor firing range. The new project installed a 75,000-cfm custom air handling unit, a new 600-ton air cooled chiller, new chilled water and hot water piping and ductwork. A new electrical service was also installed as part of the project.

Rec Philly

Rec Philly serves as a hub for various artists to record, practice and engage in live performances.  It was developed to help serve and grow the creative communities in Philadelphia. A project was initiated to renovate approximately 10,000 square feet of space for Rec Philly.

New Vacuum Truck Building

The new 16,250 square foot building provides a state-of-the-art facility for New Castle County’s Vacuum Truck Fleet.  The new building included eighteen (18) vehicle bays, a maintenance area for fixing truck parts and a washing area.  The mechanical and electrical systems were designed to accommodate multiple building functions.

County Maintenance Building

New Castle County utilizes a 37,000 square foot full service automotive garage to maintain their vehicle fleet. This project replaces the building ventilation system, heating system, vehicle exhaust system as well as providing electrical upgrades. The new ventilation system included a building wide CO and NOx detection system that automatically energizes if CO and NOx levels increase.

Public Safety Building

The 128,000 square foot Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building serves as the operations center for numerous New Castle County agencies such as 911 Center, Emergency Management, Police, and Emergency Medical Services.   The existing geothermal heat pump system was not providing adequate cooling for the space.  To improve conditions the existing geothermal heat pump system was converted to a closed-circuit cooler system.

Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department

The Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department (Company 2/22) has serviced the community since 1934.  To meet the needs of a growing community a new state of the art building was constructed. The new 34,400 square foot building contains community and public areas as well as spaces for firefighting and emergency equipment for the fire fighters.

Correctional Center New Sally Port

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center is a maximum-security facility. This project constructed a new 16,500 square foot “Sally Port” for the Correctional Center. A Sally Port is a secure, controlled entryway to the prison.