John Greenleaf Whittier Charter

“KIPP” (Knowledge is Power Program ) is a public charter school network that purchased the vacant John Greenleaf Whittier School. The John Greenleaf Whittier School is a historic school building built in 1913. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. This project upgraded all MEP systems serving the building.

Mount Pleasant Mansion

The Mount Pleasant is a historic mansion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Mansion was built in 1761and is administered by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Fairmount Park. Mount Pleasant was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. This project upgraded the HVAC system to provide the required temperature and humidity control while not impacting the building finishes and structure.

Corteva Chesapeake Farms, Broadnox

Chesapeake Farms is a 3,300-acre agricultural practices complex. Many of the structures on site are historic. The project renovates and constructed a new building addition to Broadnox Lodge which is a late 1800’s historical building.

Wilmington Library Utility Separation

The Wilmington Library was dedicated in 1922.  Steam and other utilities were provided to the Library from an adjacent building owned by the  DuPont Company. This project provides new stand-alone utilities for the Library.

Herman M. Holloway Community Center

The Chapel building was built in 1939 and for decades served as a religious space for campus activities.  The goal of this project was to re-purpose the facility as a campus conference, training, and community center.

Legislative Hall MEP Systems Upgrade

Legislative Hall was constructed in 1933 and houses office space for each member of the assembly, Legislative Chambers as well as Hearing and Caucus Rooms. The building also includes space used by the General Assembly’s two (2) nonpartisan staff agencies, the Division of Research and the Office of the Controller General, as well as offices for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor while the General Assembly is in session.

This project replaced the existing building HVAC system and upgraded the electrical system.

DuPont Building Renovation

The 950,000 square foot DuPont Building occupies an entire city block. The building was built in phases, with the original building constructed in 1908. The final addition to the building occurred in 1923. The building consists of office, hotel and retail spaces as well as dining spaces and a performance venue. The DuPont Building was recently purchased by a developer and is undergoing a significant renovation. DEDC is part of the project design team with responsibility to provide engineering and design to update the building MEP infrastructure and common spaces.

Bradley Beach Public Library

The Classical Revival Bradley Beach Public Library opened in 1927 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A project was initiated to provide an addition to the building to accommodate accessibility requirements, space needs as well as upgrade selected areas.

Buckley’s Tavern Renovation

The house where Buckley’s Tavern stands today dates to 1817 when it was originally built as a private residence.  Buckley’s was also the site of a tollgate to collect fees from those traveling to and from Wilmington.

The extensive renovations of Buckley’s Tavern included replacement of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems serving the building. All food service equipment was also replaced.

George Reed II House

The George Read II House, perhaps the best example of a Philadelphia Federal-style house still in existence, has stood on the banks of the Delaware River in New Castle for more than two hundred years. Built between 1797 and 1804, the George Reed House is National Historic Landmark today is maintained by the Delaware Historical Society.

A project was initiated to provide new mechanical and electrical systems for the building.