Johnson Matthey Process Upgrades

Johnson Matthey is a global science and chemicals company. JMI manufactures many products including an extensive range of APIs and controlled substances.  This project provides a new low temperature chilled water system to provide -28°C chilled water to the production process. It replaces aging infrastructure and provides redundancy.


OxyVinyls  manufactures polyvinyl chloride resins used in producing plumbing pipes, films, bottles, flooring, siding, outdoor furniture, and medical tubing.  DEDC has completed multiple projects and provided on site resources  for Oxy at several sites.

Keystone Tank Farm

Keystone Industries is a privately held group of dental, cosmetic, and medical device manufacturing subsidiaries. This project expands existing tank farm capacity at their dental product manufacturing facility. The project provided eight (8) new 20,000-gallon tanks for raw materials as well as associated material distribution equipment. Challenges of the project included the proximity of environmental zones to the new tank farm, poor soil conditions, stringent electrical classification requirements and integrating the new Tank Farm into an operating manufacturing facility.

BioPolymer Expansion

A project was commissioned to expand microcrystalline cellulose production. The project involved installation of large vessels, piping, pumps, and mechanical equipment including a new spray dryer and sifter building for particle separation. The work also included significant mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades. The infrastructure upgrades included installing a new 40,000 lb./hr. boiler and associated equipment.

Evonik Specialty Chemical

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world. DEDC has completed several projects for Evonik. These projects have included electrical upgrades and well as process improvements.

Croda Chemical Atlas Point

Croda’s Atlas Point Plant manufactures bio-based surfactants. DEDC provides engineering and design services to the Atlas Point Plant as well as on site engineering resources. Our services include project engineering and design services, providing engineering assistance to operations as well as process document maintenance such as P&ID walkdowns and updates.

Purolite Co-Polymer Process Upgrades

Purolite is a leading manufacturer of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent and specialty high-performance resins. DEDC provides process engineering and design services to Purolite’s Pennsylvania facility. One notable project is the Co-Polymer Process Upgrade Project. This project was implemented in two phases. Phase One removed a Witty Dryer and installed a new Fluidized Bed Dryer. Phase One also included process piping changes, new pumping systems, process controls modifications and structural steel reconfiguration. Phase Two included installation of new process equipment including feed vessels, product filter reactors and support equipment as well as infrastructure upgrades required to support the Cross Flow Membrane (CFM) Jetting Systems.


HIKMA Pharmaceuticals is a generic prescription medication provider. They offer both oral solid and injectable pharmaceuticals to a variety of customers. DEDC provides engineering and design services to HIKMA’s Injectable Manufacturing Facility located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Engineering and design services provided to HIKMA include infrastructure and production and process improvement projects. Our process projects of note included process (filling-line) and packaging upgrades and expansions.

Arkema Process Expansion

The objective of the project was to expand the existing Oligomer manufacturing process to meet increased demand. The expansion included construction of a new building, installing a new reaction unit in the expanded portion of the building as well as installing related process equipment, process piping and instrumentation. The reactor was configured to manufacture Urethane Acrylates, Epoxy Acrylates and Acrylated Acrylics and Polyester Acrylates. The building expansion was designed to meet a high hazard classification as defined by the IBC.

PBF Energy

PBF Energy (“PBF”) is one of the largest independent petroleum refiners and suppliers of petroleum products in the United States. The Delaware City refinery has a throughput capacity of 190,000 bpd and is located on a 5,000-acre site. Over the last 15 years, DEDC has completed more than 400 projects at the Delaware City Refinery. A sampling of recent projects includes:

  • Crude off-loading rack project
  • Sulfur plant nitrogen piping
  • Control room HVAC upgrades
  • NOx reduction project
  • Boiler 3, 4 injection quills
  • Multiport valve upgrades
  • Storage tank piping modifications
  • Sulfuric acid pump and manifold replacement
  • Railcar unloading upgrades
  • P&ID walk downs
  • Air compressor installations
  • Anhydrous process upgrades
  • Steam system distribution system
  • Site tepid water safety shower upgrades
  • Rotary vacuum filter room upgrades