AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical

AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business. DEDC is an AstraZeneca, Engineering and Design Partner. We provide engineering and design services as well as project management services for projects at AZ sites, including a manufacturing and packaging site. We have provided these services for twenty years.

W. L. Gore

W. L. Gore manufactures a variety of consumer and industrial products. Gore’s product line builds around a core material set using expanded PTFE and other fluoropolymers. PTFE has a combination of properties well suited to high performance applications. DEDC has completed projects at multiple Gore manufacturing facilities.

Boeing Paint Bay Renovation

The paint bay renovation included demolition of the existing building interior followed by the installation of new metal walls and ceiling panels, new triple filtered exhaust system with exhaust plenum and supply plenum filtered doors. The space utilized an integrated control system that monitored differential pressure across the filters, door position as well as light fixture lens position to enable paint spraying operations. The renovation included installation of three (3) in line fans, a pit exhaust system, and two (2) custom air-handling units. New controlled compressed air was provided for painting. Breathing air distribution system was also installed throughout the space. Electrically, explosion proof lighting system was installed along the walls and ceiling and a ground loop was installed along the walls and within the flooring system.

HIKMA Pharmaceuticals New Filling Suite

HIKMA Pharmaceuticals is one of the twenty (20) largest generic prescription medication providers in the United States.

The project included the complete demolition of existing filling suites and the construction of two (2) finished pharmaceutical filling lines and support spaces totaling approximately 17,000 square feet.  The project included constructing new or modifying existing compounding rooms, air locks, gowning rooms, fill rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, tunnel wash area, interlocked parts box, parts and storage spaces and materials storage/staging areas.