CentraState Healthcare

CentraState Healthcare System is a not-for-profit community health organization. DEDC provided MEP design for multiple CentraState Healthcare renovation projects. Projects included renovation of the Wound Care Area, SPD Nursing Education Space and the OT Suite.

Virtua Surgical Center of South Jersey

The Surgical Center of South Jersey is a licensed, AAAHC-accredited ambulatory surgery center. The new program required renovating recovery, pre-ops, and nursing stations, as well as providing additional offices and discharge space. A new operating room was also part of the program.

Anne Arundel Medical Center

This new 20,000 square foot Medical Office Building is occupied by medical practices as well as an ambulatory surgical practice.

Nemours Hospital for Children

Nemours Hospital for Children is one of the nation’s largest children’s healthcare systems. DEDC has completed several projects for Nemours at various locations. The renovations have included patient areas, diagnostic suites and amenity spaces.

Rothman Institute

Rothman Orthopedic Institute is a world leader in the field of orthopedics. This project converts an 17,000 square feet retail space to a patient treatment facility.

Nemours Sports Clinic

The new Nemours Sports Medicine Clinic at the 76ers Fieldhouse offers:

  • Sports medicine physician services (concussion specialists, sports medicine physicians and surgeons)
  • Imaging
  • Cast room
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapist and athletic trainers
  • NeuroCom concussion evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Indoor track lanes

Nanticoke Health Services

DEDC has complete several projects at the Naticoke Memorigal Hospital. These projects have included HVAC Upgrades, Covid 19 Renovations, Cancer Center Renovations as well as Mechanical and Electrical System Upgrades.

MUVE Health Ambulatory Surgery Center

This project constructs a new MUVE Ambulatory Surgery Center. The new state of the art building includes operating, recovery, and exam spaces as well as associated support areas.

St. Francis Hospital Operating Room Improvements

The HVAC systems serving the Operating Rooms could not maintain acceptable levels of humidity during both heating and cooling seasons. To raise the humidity in the heating season, new humidifiers were selected for each AHU serving the Operating Rooms. Each humidifier was selected with modulating capability for tighter control and with short absorption-length, duct-dispersion grid tubes. To better control humidity in the summer, a booster chiller system was installed. The new system required primary and secondary pumps, a buffer tank to add chiller side water capacity, a glycol feeder tank, a plate heat exchanger (to isolate the glycol water from the building water side), piping changes and a custom sequence design for the controls.

Beebe Healthcare Clinical Building Air Handler Upgrade

This project included replacing two (2) air handlers that serve critical areas such as the Clinical Labs and Operating Rooms. The air handlers were replaced with two (2), 40,000 CFM Custom Air Handling Units. Equipment was selected, and the system designed, to provide the required redundancy if a fan fails. The air handlers were positioned on a structural platform above the roof with walkways in-between both air handlers to allow for convenient and safe access for equipment maintenance.